Customised Products

Testing Jigs for Telecom Service Products :- Specialized products as per the requirements from telecom operators with advanced features.

  • Broadband Modem.
  • Computer Networking Device.
  • Data Converters.
  • Digital Modem.
  • Ethernet Device.
  • Ethernet Modem.
  • External Modem.
  • Fibre Optic Converter.
  • GPRS Modem.
  • GSM Modem.
  • Modems.
  • Network Gateway.
  • Network Interface Cards.
  • Network Router.
  • Networking Equipment.
  • Radio Modems.
  • Router.
  • USB Modem.
  • Wireless LAN.
  • Wireless Router.

UPS, Inverters & Batteries :- Solar Power Inverters, Wind Power to Utility Grid. Batteries for Inverters, Solar Power and Renewable Energy and UPS, Telecom & Other Industrial Applications.
We have Complete Range of Digital and Sine wave Inverters, UPS EB and UPS E² from 400VA to 1550VA, which are designed and developed using latest technologies by highly professional and experienced team.
Range of ONLINE UPS from 1KVA to 30KVA.

  • Intellicharge Pulse Technology – Up to 70% More Battery Life.
  • Dura Retain Technology – Longer Backup for Long Power cuts.
  • CCRC Technology – Saves Electricity on Charging.
  • Circuit Breaker – For Total Safety.
  • Auto-Reset – Switches Off due to overload, Resets Automatically, on Reduction of Load.
  • Completely Safe for all types of Electrical Devices (Sine wave).

Batteries for Online & Offline UPS Applications.

UPS (Online&Offline)

  • Flooded Flat Plate-STANGUARD.
  • Flooded Tubular Plate-STP.

Batteries for Home UPS (Inverter) Applications.

Home UPS (Inverter)

  • Flooded Flat Plate Normal-STANQUEEN.
  • Flooded Flat Plate, Tall STANFLAT.
  • Flooded Tubular Plate, Regular-STANRED.
  • Flooded Tubular Plate, Premium-STANTUBULAR.