What we do? What we don’t do would be a better question to ask.

The main objective of the company is to carry on all kinds of businesses of designers, manufacturers, processors, assemblers, dealers, traders, importers, exporters, system designers.

Also to deal in storing, packing, transporting, installing, training, maintenance of all types, varieties and providing entire range of Computers and peripherals, Tele-communications, Telecom products and other communication equipments such as Facsimile Machines, EPABX, STD-PCO Monitoring systems, coin-box machines, Telephone Answering Machines, Caller ID Phones, Cordless Phones and Instruments, Notebook PCs, cellular phones, invertors, batteries, UPS, CVT and stabilizers, data transmitting equipments, data acquisition-processing-logging equipments, mini-computers, micro-computers, printers, readers, display terminals and testing equipments, accessories for repair, maintenance, calibrations and standardization of all the above equipments in laboratories, service centers, processing plants, manufacturing plants and at customer’s place.