Telecom Products

Nokia & Lava Cellular Phones :-

Nokia’s mission is simple.”Connecting People”. All mobile Products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer.

For Lava the mission is always ” Get The Power In Your Hand.” That is with Integrity,Passion for excellence and Adaptability”.

Panasonic Products :- Panasonic truly believes in ” Ideas For Life”.

A) Cordless & Feature Phones :- This includes wired line Phones and different types of cordless phones with specialized features.

B) EPABX, KTS & Conference Units :- The KTS range provides all required facilities such as Auto Fax Trf, Auto pause Insertion, Call forward, Call hold, Call pick up, Call Trf, Call waiting, Call conference, Data line security, DISA facility, Distinctive ringing and other features with fixed and expandable port options.

C) Facsimile Machines :- Thermal paper, Plain Paper and Laser all in one faxes are available.

HP Products :- HP put their customers first in everything they do.

A) Printers and Scanners:- Print,Copy and Scan type with flatbed and ADF options are available in Inkjet, Laserjet and Commercial printing.

B) PCs,Laptops and Notebooks :- Business and Consumer PCs, Mobile Computing Devices, Workstations, Accessories, Notebook Batteries, Adaptors, Carrying cases.

C) Enterprise Business :- This includes Storage and Servers, Enterprise Services, Software and Networking

STD PCO Monitors & CBTs :- Micro Controls Products with advanced micro controller based VLSI technology.