What’s New

Aaditi is always on the lookout to take up new things and since in line with this motto we have taken up marketing and distribution of ‘Kokum’, a delicious native drink! Why ‘Kokum’ and what’s new about it? Just take a glance at this:

  • It is not just a heat-soother but foods prepared from kokum syrup are considered to be functional food.
  • No fruit –crushing, mixing, straining …just open the convenient 200 ml tetra-pack and have a sip!
  • Since it is aseptically processed and packaged it remains the same for six months without any change in taste.
  • Kokum contains many compounds with antioxidant properties that help impart immunity. The Hydrochloric acid present in it acts as an anti-obesity agent. Garcinol in kokum displays antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-ulcer properties.

Aaditi recognized the worth of all these properties and has taken up to market and distribute the drink so that the reserved prerogative of Konkan could be easily available all over the world, all round the year!